I’m A Young Republican, & I’m Not Voting For Donald Trump


Rub your eyes, blink twice, and look away and come back. Yup, you read that right. I am a young Republican, and I will never vote for Donald Trump.


After months of waving off Trump and convincing myself as well as those around me that he would ultimately fail, he is consistently leading the GOP in most national and early-state polls. Trump is lapping his opponents in earned media, electoral votes, interest, and candidacy, he has also cranked up the traditional advertising, and his ground game is off to a running start. Donald Trump has shot bullets (figuratively…) at every potential detractor that is in his way, and opened up protracted assaults on his fiercest competitors, all in order to get the power and position that he feels he deserves as President of the United States of America. His campaign website defines him as “the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests.”

Donald Trump is playing to win, and voters are sadly playing along.

But people who side with him say: He’s fun! He’s disruptive! He’ll bring in new people to government! He’s rich! And after all, we must rise with the tide. It’s better to be on Trump’s good side — we’ve seen how he treats those who doesn’t like — and we all have families to feed…right?

I get it. I get why Trump leads. In the eyes of voters, he has his priorities straight. “Washington has failed,” “I want American to win again,” “I want security for America,” and his ever-so-famous “Make America Great Again!”

Voters want someone who will fight for them. Trump seems like he will, as long as you’re not a woman, Mexican or Muslim. That’s the spirit of America, fighting for freedom from a privileged, entrenched and moneyed class who puts their best interests above the commoners.

So, I get it. But I will never vote for Donald Trump, not even if he’s the Republican nominee.

I will never vote for Donald Trump, not even if Ronald Reagan, my favorite past president to ever live, rose from the grave and begged me to support him. I will never vote for Donald Trump because I stand for more than what Trump can offer this country. I will never vote for Donald Trump because I refuse to believe that he will actually “Make America Great Again,” I believe that he will tear it down and crush it with his bare hands.

I will never vote for Donald Trump because it’s very obvious that he lacks the temperament, judgment, and basic sanity to be placed as the Commander in Chief of over 7,700 nuclear weapons and the rest of the power of the United States military. Donald Trump’s immoral combination of ignorance, emotional instability, demagogy, solipsism and vindictiveness would do more than result in a failed presidency; it could very well lead to national catastrophe. The prospect of Donald Trump as commander in chief should send a chill down the spine of every single American, no matter which political party you affiliate with.

I will never vote for Donald Trump because I refuse to support a candidate for presidency that is a moral bigot. Trump has called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, proposed registering all Muslims into a database, and said of a African-American protester, “Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.” If you’re not white and Christian, you might worry a little about a Trump Presidency. And if you are, you should still worry about the fellow humans amongst you.

I will never vote for Donald Trump because he is a very poor example for the future generations, something that I care deeply about. Generations of American parents have inspired their children to grow up to be President. But a would-be President who insults women, spews profanity, is on his third wife, and calls anyone who disagrees with him a “loser” may not be someone to look up to. He is a reality TV star who is used to the limelight of the television, as seen with his debate track record, and is more concerned with the size of his “hands” than he is with discussing foreign policy and economics. With a history of violence, anger, bad friends, overconfidence, and inconsistency, Trump is not a candidate that I feel that I can support.

I will never vote for Donald Trump because he does not have the experience necessary for the position of POTUS. Donald Trump has never been an elected official, has never held elected office of any kind, has never had to broker political compromise, give political speeches or pour over political briefing notes. So why on earth, with no experience in politics, would people think he’d make a good president? Sure, Donald Trump is a shameless self-promoter and experienced businessman. Washington, D.C., is not Wall Street, and getting business solved in the nation’s capital takes more than a big personality and strong will. If Trump is elected president, he’ll quickly have to learn how to deal with his Democratic counterparts in the House of Representatives and Senate. He’ll also have to get used to the pace and minutiae of government—where things can move extremely slow. And he’ll have to get used to giving speeches on topics he may not be interested in—like housing for the poor, education and farm subsidies. Being in office, after all, is not the same as campaigning, and Trump does not have the capabilities to do so.

I will never vote for Donald Trump just because he might be my party’s nominee. If he wins my party’s nomination, the nomination would pose a profound threat to the Republican Party and conservatism. If Donald Trump heads the Republican Party, it will no longer be a conservative party; it will be an angry, bigoted, and populist one. I will never vote for Donald Trump, because it would require the complete abandonment of every political and moral value that informs my life; human equality, peace, anti-violence, and inclusion. Donald Trump has altered the political equation because he has altered the moral equation, and we must decide if that is what we want for our nation and those who will come after us.

So yes, I’m a young republican, and I’m not voting for Donald Trump. And if you are of voting age choosing your presidential candidate, before you take to the polls in November, please consider very closely who you want to take control of our precious country before it is too late.


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