An Open Letter To My Twisted Sister Best Friend

To my twisted sister (you know who you are),

I would like to start by saying…thank God for you. Thank God that I have someone like you who is just as crazy as me, who keeps me level headed when my anxiety takes over, who talks me down when I want to go insane on someone, who understands my feelings and why I am feeling the way I do at any given time, who rationalizes my completely out-of-context feelings and behaviors because well, that’s your job, and for being more than my best friend, for being my sister. Thank you for what you do every single day for me, and for being who you are to me.

Thank you for drying my tears through so many of life’s major events that have happened either gradually or suddenly. I can think of a list of things that would go on forever and ever that I literally would not have gotten through without you. Thank you for spending late nights with me to help me through stupid boy break-ups, family issues, friendship problems, college meltdowns, and for always being there when I just need someone to vent to. Thank you for keeping me up on two feet and pushing me to continue on with life when I want to just give up. Thank you for being the only human who could understand me inside and out the way you do, and for doing so with such grace and ease like you do, every single day.

You are a beautiful, wonderful, driven, hardworking, and inspiring woman who I am blessed to call my best friend. Knowing you was my first blessing, becoming your friend blessed me even more, being best friends pushed it to the next level, and now being my person has made my life complete. You’re a vital part of my everyday life, including our phone calls and text messages, our Snapchats and Instagram posts, my daily thoughts and prayers, my nighttime worries, and my praises when I thank God for all He has given me in life. You’re a part of my family, to the point where we set a table setting for you at the family dinner when we are both in town! I don’t remember spending a holiday without you, and I never want to know anything different in life without you in it.

We have so much to come; including our college graduations, engagements, marriages, new careers, and growing old along with every smaller experience in between. Before I knew you, this used to terrify me, to go through these major life events. But now, I am ready to tackle this world and all of these terrifying yet exciting life events and changes with you by my side. You are without a doubt my maid of honor, the aunt to my children, my biggest fan in my career, and the person who will be next to me causing havoc in the retirement home. And I wouldn’t want it any different!

So thank you for being my twisted sister. Thank you for never leaving me alone in this scary world and for being the person that I can rely on day and night. Life would be so different without you, and it’s a life I never want to know. Thank you for living life with me each and every day. I can’t wait for the next big steps in our lives that we get to experience together, and for our twisted sister friendship to continue to grow, flourish, and blossom into more than we could ever imagine.

I love you so much!


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