5 Reasons You Should Write In Your Bible


Personally, my Bible is my favorite book that I own, and one that I use literally every day. I reference this book when I’m happy, sad, joyful, depressed, angry, emotional, excited, and everything in between. As a writer and a journalist, I find myself making notes in the margins of my Bible, highlighting my favorite verses, and keeping notes of what I learn or feel when reading them. I hear a lot of opinions on if you should or should not write in your Bible, but I definitely think you should!

Here is why…

1. Writing in your Bible helps you remember how the verse or story was applicable to your life.

When I write in my Bible, I make notes of what my pastor teaches and what is said during church. I write down a small note in the margin about how it makes me feel, what I think, and what is going on in my life. I doodle a heart or cross, circle important words, and highlight the best parts. Doing this helps me connect the verse or story back to the same memories when I come to the verse or story the next time. By connecting back each time I come across verses, I am able to track my faith process and watch myself grow, as well as make new connections to write down in the same margins.

2. Highlighting and doodling in your Bible makes it aesthetically appealing.

It’s one thing to read and it’s another thing to see. I have to admit, my Bible is really pretty! It is a pink leather cover Bible with silver-foil pages. But, ever since I began to use my Bible as a journaling tool, it has became exponentially more beautiful. I have seen so many beautiful journal Bibles.

3. Using your Bible as a journaling tool helps you connect with the Word.

Studies have shown that underlining, highlighting, and jotting comments stores a nano-bit of the information for later use. By being able to remember more of the text, journaling and writing in your Bible will further allow you to connect with the Word and establish a relationship with your Bible. This also helps to make your Bible your own; unique and personalized to your liking.

4. It is completely acceptable and allowed to write in your Bible!

Some people don’t write in their Bible because they feel weird about it — but don’t worry; you aren’t defacing or treating the Bible as common! Writing in your Bible provides handles to help you navigate the Word and drive it into your head and heart. I think it’s a great way to honor God and his word; signs of a feast (Jer. 15:16). There is no written Word telling us that we cannot write in our Bibles, and it is definitely not looked down upon in the church.

5. You can use cool tools to journal in your Bible

There are so many cool highlighters, pens, rulers, colored pencils, paints, papers, and pencils that can be used for Bible journaling. The artistic cap is taken off here, and the world is yours to create. A simple search on Pinterest led me to so many cool ideas that I cannot wait to pursue, and how-to ideas for those of us just getting started. Art and Jesus are two important passions in my life, so I love combining them together like this!

It’s no secret that the Word of God and prayer are a personal means of grace that spill over for the good of those around us. We read the Bible not just for ourselves, but for our families, for our friends, for our community. Writing in my Bible has helped me grow in my faith and has helped my cup overflow, and it is a tool that I believe can help many people on their faith journey!


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